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Viral Marketing (Video Production)

Viral marketing is a technique aimed at encouraging amplified word of mouth promotion of products and services. Viral marketing is also referred to as undercover marketing, if it is done correctly people do not realise they are being marketed to.

Viral marketing usually takes the form of a short film or video clip which is designed to entertain and/or invite participation of the viewer whilst creating brand awareness.

It is thought that the average person will tell eleven people about a bad product or service but only three people about a product they like. Viral marketing relies on this aspect of human nature to pass a message to many people in a short period of time.

The Internet is an extremely fast way of promoting a product whilst driving exposure, traffic and sales to a business. Products and services can be communicated to a worldwide consumer base by making use of existing resources such as blogs, social networking sites and video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Viral marketing campaigns can also be promoted easily by adding links from the company website, adding links to email’s and with targeted pay per click campaigns. Making sure the viral is easy to share is the most important part of the campaign.

Viral marketing works for companies of all sizes, anyone can have a great marketing idea regardless of resources. The most important thing is to get peoples attention, make the viral memorable and fun, something that people will want to get involved with.

If people can interact with the campaign there is even more chance they will pass the message along. By inviting people to share their experiences of a product or asking for their suggestion you are making the product their own and at the same time demonstrating customer confidence.

Two way advertising can include contests to create adverts or logo’s, and offering a good, company related prize aimed at your target audience will only serve to increase the participation.

Using open ended video stories that capture the imagination but do not reveal the whole message can also be an effective way of encouraging people to find out more. Offering a website address to find out more information is a great way of attracting people to find out more about your product whilst increasing traffic to your site and in turn, increasing your search engine rankings and enquiries.

Another important part of a viral is branding. Make sure the viewer eventually finds out what your product is or the campaign will be pointless! Giving the campaign an easy to remember title will also make sure it stays in peoples minds and that they can pass it on to their friends. Using the campaign name in the page URL will also help in terms of search engine results meaning that people will be easily able to find your campaign online.

When creating a viral campaign it is always a good idea to try to write from the viewers perspective, making sure they understand any references or jokes. Make the product sound ‘cool’ but keep the message simple, if it is too complicated the viewer will lose interest and won’t bother to pass it on.

Finally, make sure the resources are available to cope if the campaign is a success. Once the viral is circulating there can be thousands of people visiting and linking to it, this increased activity can slow down or completely take a server down which would be a disaster if after all that promotion no one can see your viral!

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