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Video Production & Online Marketing

Video Production And Online Marketing

With the use of web video on the increase, and greater bandwidths allowing us to integrate the use of videos into websites more easily, people are looking at new and exciting ways in which to harness the power of this ever-changing medium.
It seems that a growing number of people have less time at their disposal and the importance of being able to deliver a marketing message within an instant cannot be underestimated.
Internet users have short attention spans, and it is widely accepted that you have less than 8 seconds to make an impression online before the user will move on. Above all, when using the Internet people expect to be able to find what they want quickly and easily without having to read or scroll through text before they find the information they are looking for.
Web videos allow a core message to be delivered at the push of a button and within a few seconds they can communicate the unique selling points and benefits of using a companies product or service. It has been suggested that people are up to 15 times more likely to respond to a audio/visual message rather than a written one. Indeed, this is not particularly surprising when you consider, generally speaking, web users have a much shorter attention span than someone who is reading a book, newspaper or magazine article.

You can have the best website on the Internet but if your message is not compelling and communicated quickly then visitors will just hit the back button and visit another website that they found on the search engine results pages.

So if you are having trouble getting inquiries from your website, then maybe you need to look at video production and how this can be used to increase inquiries from your website. Video production for marketing online is a very effective way of engaging with the user and achieving a significant increase in inquiries from your website. Here are a few different ways of using web video online:

Web Promos: Often no longer than 2 or 3 minutes these often take the form of online commercials that incorporate a series of animated images and video footage to communicate the overall company profile and service offering.

Website Presenters: These are, quite literally, online presenters that will talk through the services the company offers. These can be used to highlight a particular service or product or direct customers towards a specific call to action. This is a much more personal way of communicating with website traffic and is useful when a company is looking to gain an immediate connection to their audience.

Video Testimonials: These are a great way of increasing the credibility of a companies services. A DVD or video of a previous or existing client talking about the service they received is a fantastic way of increasing confidence and creating a buzz around your particular service or solution. In a similar way to website presenters, video testimonials work on the basis that people respond to people and there is no better way of creating a great first impression than introducing yourself with a personal touch.

Sam Beavan writes for the One Vision TV team – a highly successful video production Leicester based agency, specializing in DVD production solutions, website presenters and wedding videos.

Website Presenters

In the same way that television channels have presenters, a website presenter is a person that presents your company and the message you wish to convey to your visitors. As the website owner you are able to choose the perfect person to represent the mood, theme and personality of your site or, you may even wish to welcome the visitors to your own site!
From the moment the website appears on the screen, your visitors are already forming an opinion about the company, if they have visited a few sites looking for a certain product the websites can all start to look the same, meaning that they will already be losing interest. So, how do we keep their attention? Quite simply, show them something different!
Instead of greeting them with the same old text and pictures, you can immediately grab their attention with a friendly face (and voice) welcoming them and presenting them with the information they are seeking without them having to look through lots of pages to find it.
A website presenter immediately adds a human element to a website that tends to be lacking on many corporate websites that instead focus on selling a product rather than establishing a bond with their prospective client. Text can often be interpreted in several ways, your visitors can only see the words, they cannot see your facial expressions or hear the tone of your voice which means the message may not always come across in the way it is intended – a problem that can be avoided with a website presenter.
If the information is presented well, you can immediately build brand awareness and draw attention to products and services your visitors may not even know about. A website presenter is a perfect way of guiding your visitors to the areas of the website you wish to focus on and ultimately a way of increasing your sales.  
Website presenters are filmed against a blue screen, this means that your presentation can be as simple or as complex as required. 
Pretty much anything can be added to the background of the presentation. Background images can be still or moving, still images being the perfect addition to the presentation of statistics and data, moving images adding to the mood of the message and creating a new focal point.
Examples of our website presenters are now available so if you are looking for the perfect marketing tool to make your website stand out from the crowd, be sure to add us to your favourite sites and call back to see them in action