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Website Presenters

We had a lot of fun last week shooting some more video content for our clients websites. Starting the day with a short video production for the Iphone our main challenge was getting the right type of lighting setup. As our video production centered on the use of a green screen the main focus was on providing plenty of light on the website presenter/ model, predominantly in the foreground, without casting any shadows on the background material. During the Iphone shoot  there was also the added difficulty of having to shoot the website presenter through a Perspex screen which was being washed as part of the video and reflections left, right and centre seemed to make our life difficult for the first half an hour or so. However, we soon found a way around this problem and with a couple of readjustments and, with the help of our technical lighting guru and some stand alone lighting grids, we were able to get a fantastic result.


Website Presenter

The next few videos involved filming material for our new website presenter gallery. We thought it would be useful to have video introductions to our roster of website presenters as opposed to static images and text. We had 7 website presenters in all who did a variety of short introductory pieces to camera. These will be used to help prospective customers get a real taste of each Presenters style and personality. They can then choose the presenters they want to use in their own online video production. Following on from this we shot a short video for an online Retail company specializing in Baby Products. They had a great product with distribution in a number of large retail outlets but it needed a boost in sales. One of the main problems was that people weren’t able to get an idea of what the product was all about through the number of thumbnail images and descriptions on the website. The use of the video presenter was seen as a perfect tool for explaining and demonstrating the different features and benefits the product had to offer. By combining a presenter demonstration with animated text and animation we were able to create a buzz around not only the product itself but also the joy it could bring.

Website Presenter

Towards the end of the day we shot 3 website presenter videos. Our clients included an Accountancy, a Financial firm and an online DVD company. All used different presenters to create unique and engaging introductions to their websites. The videos were all between 40-60 seconds in length and are being used to personalize a core message the clinets wanted to communicate to their website visitors. Each of these online video productions will be featured in our video gallery in a week’s time so keep an eye out!.

(For those of you that don’t know Green-screens are used for mixing two images or frames together, in which a colour (or a small colour range) from one image is removed. Common uses of this application include special effects in feature films or more commonly, the weather forecast, where a green screen is replaced by a map of the British Isles. By using them in conjunction with websites we are able to add background text and animation that enhances the content of the actual presentation. In some instances we actually use the background of a website itself depending on the purpose of the video but essentially the Green-screen can be replaced with anything you want and the result can result in a number of exciting possibilities).