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Online Video Distribution

The phrase ‘Internet video distribution’ refers to any video material (TV, movies, sports, infotainment, UGC) that can be distributed via online technologies that may include IPTV, P2P downloading or streaming over any bearer such as broadband networks to any device such as TV, PC or handheld.

The use of online video and how it can be distributed across the Internet is a growing concern for many businesses. With audiences becoming increasingly fragmented and with the use of multiple platforms showing a variety of content, a distribution strategy needs to be looked at in detail in order to achieve maximum return on your video production.

By placing content across video portals and communities video can achieve a wide reach but the key is to work out a strategy that can help build a community across these networks.

Here are a few general tips on how this could be achieved:

Utilize Social Networks And Video Communities

Sites such as Ning and Permission TV allow you to build networks around your business model and allow for more flexibility and branding compared to many other video communities.

Build A Destination Site

By building an online page that promotes a specific product or promotion and by offering the audience a chance to win something or promote themselves you are adding value beyond the entertainment value of the content itself. It can also be used to foster interaction and engagement with the video content as well as drive traffic to your website.

Contextual Distribution

It is now possible to showcase branded content using Google’s video advertising solution. Not only will people be able to find your content when they’re most predisposed to it, but like in-page distribution, your video will generally have the added advantage of being the only video on the site.

In Page Distribution

Ad networks are a great way to distribute content. Companies like Tremor Media and Adconion Media Group are leading the way for the creative use of in-page full video stream experiences. Not only can you gain attention by being the only video on the site, you can dynamically update your content and serve numerous clips in one unit.


Make sure it’s easy for people to find the content again. That means allowing RSS feeds, and/or download and subscribe with players like Miro or Apples Itunes. Including utility widgets and social bookmarks are also a good idea to help extend engagement and reach.

Video Search

It is highly important to ensure your content is optimized for video search engines and as easy as possible to find within the plethora of videosearch sites. Blinx for example even has guidelines and a community wiki to help content creators maximize their results.

P2P Distribution

Sites and Media Partners like Tremor Media offer the option to make your content more visible when people search for P2P video downloads on sites like uTorrent and Vuze etc. It is also possible to purchase keywords that will guarantee discoverability.

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