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Client Video Testimonials

With web videos on the increase many businesses are turning to video testimonials as a means of communicating their message online. After all, the best means of getting business is through personal recommendation and a testimonial plays on this principal. I suppose a testimonial could be called a “published referral” of sorts but I suppose the main underlying difference is that it’s from an impersonalized “other” or source. By bringing the referral to life through video people will be far more likely to connect with what is being said and, more importantly, the person it is coming from. Marketers need to step up their efforts with credibility indicators if they want to improve results. By itself, plugging a list of quotes from random customers into a page is not likely to produce a significant gain. You need to get more powerful, specific, authoritative testimonials and use them strategically on your pages, and often in conjunction with other credibility indicators, if you want to see a major impact. Video testimonials are a great way of connecting with your audience, increasing the credibility of your brand and will help to deliver higher website conversions. One Vision Tv are experts in web video production and can work with you to deliver a corporate video service that truly delivers results.