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Video Profiles To Be Used For Business Networking

It is widely accepted that personalised content allows businesses to connect more with their online audience and many businesses are now looking to make their website content more engaging by adding short video profiles to their online offering. This not only makes the experience more engaging but also allows business owners to add a new personal and humanistic dynamic to their online marketing. Corporate video production services for businesses are traditionally focused on sales type messaging with little insight into the type of people new clients are likely to be working with. By adding a video profile or video biography businesses are able to set themselves apart from the competition by creating a human face to the services they are offering. The service allows businesses to not only utilize the benefits of face to face communication but to distribute this to a mass audience at a touch of a button. With the rise of business profile sites such as Linked In, Viadeo and Ecademy and with a steady focus on self promotion through these mediums it is only a matter of time before video profiles become a standard in online promotion as people look to cut through the clutter of traditional advertising to make a more emotional connection to their audience.

Samuel Beavan


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