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With Youtube as the second largest search engine after Google, more businesses than ever before are seeking new ways to capture and engage with this audience to drive increased site visitation. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get ahead when setting up your free online channel in order to achieve  maximum visibility and exposure:

Content Is King:

The same rule applies with video as it does with text. It’s all about quality content. It needs to be up to date, to the point and relevant to your audience.  Is is also often advisable to keep your web video content no longer than 2 – 3 minutes as people are far more likely to be distracted when viewing  video content online.

Tag Your Content:

You need to tag your video with keywords your audience will be using to find your services. Youtube has also very recently limited the number of tags you can use to only 20 characters, so be selective and research your kewords wisely.


It is a good idea to include a fairly detailed description. Punctuate your decription with keywords and also be sure to include a link to your website. Put this at the start of your description and make sure you include the full prefix i:e “”  as this will ensure a clickable link that can drive traffic directly to your website.

Find Your Friends:

Research your market and industry and find related channels and videos that relate to your business. You should then comment and subscribe to related content wherever this is appropriate.

If some of the conent you find is very relevant to specific videos you have created it is a good idea to link to them (their video pages)  in your description and in some cases it is also a good idea to include a video response. It’s all about building a community and you need to start by creating a conversation.

Don’t Stop:

You need to be seen by your audience as actively updating your content or they will have no reason to return to what you are doing.  In short,  keep adding content on a regular basis or  they won’t come back.


Integrate your Youtube Channel with the rest of your online marketing; this may include:  linking to your video on Twitter, cross referencing though an article, providing reference Icons on your website, or even embedding videos in your email marketing campaigns, blog or facebook.

Keep Up To Date:

In the 5 years YouTube has been going it has gone through many different changes. You need to keep an eye on  how rules, regulations and functionality evolve, so allocate time regularly to read up on what is going on. With mobile video growing exponentially it is worth thinking about how this audience will differ in terms of  their behavior as this is where many Youtube videos will be viewed in the not too distant future.

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