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How To Use Video For Direct Marketing

“According to a recent study by Marketing Sherpa, for the 2nd year in a row video marketing is one of the top priorities for marketers surveyed, ahead of SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing. However, getting measurable results from video marketing involves more than sharing videos on youtube or embedding a video file on your website.”

The use of video for web marketing and communications has increased dramatically over the last few years, with higher bandwidths, the proliferation of video sharing sites and the low cost of producing High Definition video, all accounting for an increase in uptake.  The high engagement factor of video content offers marketers and advertisers a highly accountable way to improve response rates and deliver bottom line results.  A recent study by Forrester also found that web video marketing can generate up to 7 times the response rates of traditional text based media and, with this in mind, the case for implementing an online video marketing campaign has never been stronger.

So, What Are The Critical Factors For Web Video Marketing Success?

  1. Creating Engaging Content: Use high quality, relevant, short form content that will engage viewers, compel them to contact you and motivate them to share it.
  2. Viewer Interactivity: Create an interactive presentation and provide access to additional information,a clear contact sign up, registration forms, and sharing, with one click “calls to action.”
  3. Flexible Distribution: The ability to easily distribute or “push” the video message to target viewers using different internet communication methods.
  4. Actionable Viewer Tracking: The ability to collect comprehensive viewer engagement and response information. The ability to provide individual sales people with a streamlined process for delivering and tracking the behaviour of online traffic.

Beware the Boss!

One has to be aware of the potential intrusiveness of video in email, and this is  particularly the case when sending to B2B lists where your recipients are at work. In a quiet office with the Boss hovering, who really wants to be seen watching videos at their desk?

What’s the solution?

The most effective solution to these issues and complications is to use your email campaign as a teaser to drive recipients to a campaign micro site, video brochure or landing page where they can click to view your video clip, at their own leisure. By including a ‘play video clip’ button in your email you can have a powerful call to action and marketers who are wisely cautious, but click-through hungry, can reap the benefits of the pull of video in their emails, without actually embedding any.

A campaign micro site,  landing page or video brochure can become the centre of your integrated marketing campaign, so you can drive traffic to it from a series of online and offline channels and really maximise your return.

video brochure example

So, What Are My Options?

At One Vision TV, we are soon to be launching  a suit of video promotion packages that will allow you to effectively promote your business message to your network of prospects and future customers. For more information get in touch using our contact form or call us on 0116 2538920.

Current Packages include:

Video Brochures

Video Emails

Video Landing Pages

Video Channel

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