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How To Use Video For Direct Marketing

“According to a recent study by Marketing Sherpa, for the 2nd year in a row video marketing is one of the top priorities for marketers surveyed, ahead of SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing. However, getting measurable results from video marketing involves more than sharing videos on youtube or embedding a video file on your website.”

The use of video for web marketing and communications has increased dramatically over the last few years, with higher bandwidths, the proliferation of video sharing sites and the low cost of producing High Definition video, all accounting for an increase in uptake.  The high engagement factor of video content offers marketers and advertisers a highly accountable way to improve response rates and deliver bottom line results.  A recent study by Forrester also found that web video marketing can generate up to 7 times the response rates of traditional text based media and, with this in mind, the case for implementing an online video marketing campaign has never been stronger.

So, What Are The Critical Factors For Web Video Marketing Success?

  1. Creating Engaging Content: Use high quality, relevant, short form content that will engage viewers, compel them to contact you and motivate them to share it.
  2. Viewer Interactivity: Create an interactive presentation and provide access to additional information,a clear contact sign up, registration forms, and sharing, with one click “calls to action.”
  3. Flexible Distribution: The ability to easily distribute or “push” the video message to target viewers using different internet communication methods.
  4. Actionable Viewer Tracking: The ability to collect comprehensive viewer engagement and response information. The ability to provide individual sales people with a streamlined process for delivering and tracking the behaviour of online traffic.

Beware the Boss!

One has to be aware of the potential intrusiveness of video in email, and this is  particularly the case when sending to B2B lists where your recipients are at work. In a quiet office with the Boss hovering, who really wants to be seen watching videos at their desk?

What’s the solution?

The most effective solution to these issues and complications is to use your email campaign as a teaser to drive recipients to a campaign micro site, video brochure or landing page where they can click to view your video clip, at their own leisure. By including a ‘play video clip’ button in your email you can have a powerful call to action and marketers who are wisely cautious, but click-through hungry, can reap the benefits of the pull of video in their emails, without actually embedding any.

A campaign micro site,  landing page or video brochure can become the centre of your integrated marketing campaign, so you can drive traffic to it from a series of online and offline channels and really maximise your return.

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So, What Are My Options?

At One Vision TV, we are soon to be launching  a suit of video promotion packages that will allow you to effectively promote your business message to your network of prospects and future customers. For more information get in touch using our contact form or call us on 0116 2538920.

Current Packages include:

Video Brochures

Video Emails

Video Landing Pages

Video Channel

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YouTube Optimisation

With Youtube as the second largest search engine after Google, more businesses than ever before are seeking new ways to capture and engage with this audience to drive increased site visitation. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get ahead when setting up your free online channel in order to achieve  maximum visibility and exposure:

Content Is King:

The same rule applies with video as it does with text. It’s all about quality content. It needs to be up to date, to the point and relevant to your audience.  Is is also often advisable to keep your web video content no longer than 2 – 3 minutes as people are far more likely to be distracted when viewing  video content online.

Tag Your Content:

You need to tag your video with keywords your audience will be using to find your services. Youtube has also very recently limited the number of tags you can use to only 20 characters, so be selective and research your kewords wisely.


It is a good idea to include a fairly detailed description. Punctuate your decription with keywords and also be sure to include a link to your website. Put this at the start of your description and make sure you include the full prefix i:e “”  as this will ensure a clickable link that can drive traffic directly to your website.

Find Your Friends:

Research your market and industry and find related channels and videos that relate to your business. You should then comment and subscribe to related content wherever this is appropriate.

If some of the conent you find is very relevant to specific videos you have created it is a good idea to link to them (their video pages)  in your description and in some cases it is also a good idea to include a video response. It’s all about building a community and you need to start by creating a conversation.

Don’t Stop:

You need to be seen by your audience as actively updating your content or they will have no reason to return to what you are doing.  In short,  keep adding content on a regular basis or  they won’t come back.


Integrate your Youtube Channel with the rest of your online marketing; this may include:  linking to your video on Twitter, cross referencing though an article, providing reference Icons on your website, or even embedding videos in your email marketing campaigns, blog or facebook.

Keep Up To Date:

In the 5 years YouTube has been going it has gone through many different changes. You need to keep an eye on  how rules, regulations and functionality evolve, so allocate time regularly to read up on what is going on. With mobile video growing exponentially it is worth thinking about how this audience will differ in terms of  their behavior as this is where many Youtube videos will be viewed in the not too distant future.

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Video CV’s – The Next Big Thing?

Career Publisher Vault has found that 89% of  employers would watch a video résumé if it were submitted to them but only 17% have actually seen one. Over 50% said they believe such CVs will become a common addition to new job applications.

Over the last few weeks I have been spending time speaking with a number of councils, recruiters, executive search firms and career outplacement agencies looking at ways in which video CV’s (video profiles) could fit into their existing business model. The video CV is nothing new but it has not, as yet, been taken up by the masses and it would seem the concept of incorporating video in the recruitment process is riddled with potential obstacles. Video online has come along way since the video CV concept was first introduced some 20 years ago, but the fundamental questions still remain the same and advances in technology and communication only provide solutions to a fraction of the original concerns about how the video CV  could be used.

One of the main stumbling blocks for the video CV so far has been that no one has yet determined or set an expectation on what the video CV needs to achieve. Although it may seem obvious that a video CV’s purpose is to capture all the information on a CV and present this in a visual format, anyone that knows anything about video will tell you that video is not good at capturing information when it is in detail. It is far better at creating a sense of something, the general, the emotive and ultimately capturing the broader picture of what something or someone is actually about. Not only is it impractical for an individual to try and video a presentation of their entire expertise and career history, but it is not strictly necessary in this context or, for that matter, particularly helpful. Instead, I believe it is better for people to think of the top four or five things they want to say about themselves (i:e key skills and experience) and then present this in a way that is clear and to the point. It is important to remember that we are not talking about replacing the written CV here, but merely adding an enhancement to it. The video CV or video profile therefore needs to demonstrate what can’t be demonstrated as easily in written form.

Video CV’s are great at communicating softer skills such as presentation, communication and language skills. By combining this with a summary of strengths and key experiences the recruiters, or future employer, will gain a significant insight into what the individual can offer their business and will have an understanding of not only what the candidate has done, but an appreciation of what the candidate is likely to achieve for them in the future.

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Video Profiles To Be Used For Business Networking

It is widely accepted that personalised content allows businesses to connect more with their online audience and many businesses are now looking to make their website content more engaging by adding short video profiles to their online offering. This not only makes the experience more engaging but also allows business owners to add a new personal and humanistic dynamic to their online marketing. Corporate video production services for businesses are traditionally focused on sales type messaging with little insight into the type of people new clients are likely to be working with. By adding a video profile or video biography businesses are able to set themselves apart from the competition by creating a human face to the services they are offering. The service allows businesses to not only utilize the benefits of face to face communication but to distribute this to a mass audience at a touch of a button. With the rise of business profile sites such as Linked In, Viadeo and Ecademy and with a steady focus on self promotion through these mediums it is only a matter of time before video profiles become a standard in online promotion as people look to cut through the clutter of traditional advertising to make a more emotional connection to their audience.

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Client Video Testimonials

With web videos on the increase many businesses are turning to video testimonials as a means of communicating their message online. After all, the best means of getting business is through personal recommendation and a testimonial plays on this principal. I suppose a testimonial could be called a “published referral” of sorts but I suppose the main underlying difference is that it’s from an impersonalized “other” or source. By bringing the referral to life through video people will be far more likely to connect with what is being said and, more importantly, the person it is coming from. Marketers need to step up their efforts with credibility indicators if they want to improve results. By itself, plugging a list of quotes from random customers into a page is not likely to produce a significant gain. You need to get more powerful, specific, authoritative testimonials and use them strategically on your pages, and often in conjunction with other credibility indicators, if you want to see a major impact. Video testimonials are a great way of connecting with your audience, increasing the credibility of your brand and will help to deliver higher website conversions. One Vision Tv are experts in web video production and can work with you to deliver a corporate video service that truly delivers results.

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