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Corporate Video Production Nottingham

(PUSH VIDEO: Video Promotion Channel:)

“Driving sales through online video”

“The Push Video Channel” will help companies utilize the benefits of video seo by creating a video catalogue on a companies website that will have separate pages for the individual videos. We wrap video content in keyword rich metadata and provide a video feed that is submitted to numerous video sites and directories.

The system to be developed is one which would allow the efficient capturing of Metadata relating to Video. This would be then used to produce metadata streams, aggregated into a master stream, which can be then be used to populate a number of compatible Internet Channels. The source video would need to be compatible with the desired channels. Once created  the stream would then need to be used to populate the desired channels. This could range from acting as a Google Site Map through to populating an Itunes videocast channel. It would probably be necessary to do this manually to begin with, however over time and with funding the system could be expanded to do this automatically. The system could also be expanded (funding allowing) to check video sources for compatibility with the intended Internet Channels. Dependant on how the video was hosted it could eventually be developed to convert video appropriately to the intended channel.


Video Channel Setup - Create formatted video mrss feed and video sitemap.

Optimize Video HTML Create bespoke video metadata.

Submit optimised feed to multiple video sites and directories. (monthly)

Convert feeds for Itunes podcasting and playback on mobile devices.

Brand: Watermark Content / Create Animated Logo Intro/Outro.

Search Engine Analysis:

One Vision TV begins with a professional search engine analysis used to discover the keywords  and keyword phrases your customers are usingto find you products and services.

Video Optimization:

With an optimal keyword set in place, we develop keyword rich file names, video titles and video descriptions that are embedded into your video files.

Video Integration:

One Vision TV create a video promotion channel on your website. The channel will include relevant “category names” and “page titles”  for each video and we will provide a video sitemap that can be submitted to Google

through your webmaster. If we host the video we will also send a permal back to your video page URL so that all traffic is directed to your website.


One Vision TV submits a full video feed across search engines and video sites.

Campaign Optimization:

We continuously update your video file types, titles and descriptions across all of your submissions in order to achieve first page rankings across the major search engines for the keyword set we have identified.

Online Video:

  • Universal Search means Google now displays individual video content in it’s    results.

  • 10 Million Videos On The Web

  • Optimised Video is up to 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking than traditional SEO techniques. (Forrester Magazine January ’09)

  • Although Youtube is the second largest search engine it does not provide a direct channel to market as users are primarily seeking entertainment, news and

information rather than products and services.

  • Unlike text Video can be duplicated without any penalties.

Why Use One Vision TV?

  • Background in SEO, video planning, video marketing and production.
  • Ability to understand the differences between Video compared to standard text SEO.
  • Understanding of Media RSS feeds, Google Video Site   Maps, and Landing Pages optimised for video content.
  • Knowledge of submission tools to video media sharing sites.
  • Knowledge of web analytics specialising in video tracking and knowledge of the key performance indicators relating to video.
  • Design an optimized video landing page or series of landing pages, both on the newspaper website and through 3rd party solutions providers.
  • Knowledge of website usability best practices for on-site video search.
  • Knowledge of current optimization strategies for YouTube.
  • Familiarity with news aggregator sites featuring video.

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corporate video production Nottingham

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