» Retail Takes Advantage Of Online Video

Retail Takes Advantage Of Online Video

Retail Takes Advantage of Online Video Selling Power

Almost every retailer will tell you of the importance of moving product. However, this concept is now taking on a different meaning.

The amount of online shoppers that watched retail videos in 2008 grew by an astonishing 40%

Online product marketing videos are just beginning to catch on but early indications point towards online product videos becoming an important sales tool

Some of the benefits of online video – which are being utilized by online retailers include:


  • Lower number of shopping carts being abandoned,
  • Reduction in return rates
  • People purchasing greater number of Items
  • More sales


Video Usage in Ecommerce report has looked at how marketers are looking at incorporating video into their overall marketing spend. One of the biggest challenges to more video production among online retailers is the high price of doing production in house. However, data seems to suggest that the increase in sales that would be achieved by incorporating video production would far outweigh the increased cost.


Knowledge Marketing Magazine January 2009

Online video production tops the list for onsite features that retailers are looking at incorporating into 2009 with 43.3%  saying that video or streaming media is their first priority – with product recommendations and customer reviews and ratings coming in close behind.


Only email marketing, site search, natural optimization and user generated content were considered less dispensable than video.


After retailers have built up video content on their sites they will then turn their energies to turning these videos into assets for customer acquisition. This can be dome by having videos linking to them from other websites including affiliates or a social networking platform like face-book or e-mails, blogs, or book marking services.

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