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A How To Guide To Video And Social Media.

video production leicester

This report details all you need to know about how to use video to distribute and

amplify your marketing message.

Video and social media are a dynamite combination when it comes to driving engagement. Whether you’re a brand marketer that wants to use video to foster customer relationships or a media agency wanting to syndicate the content to

social channels; video and the social web can work powerfully together to deliver

a wide range of business goals.

The first names that inevitably come to mind when talking about the social web are Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Video, on the other hand, has usually been seen as a presentation medium, broadcasting to the passive observer rather than encouraging participation and interaction with a conversation.

Video is the fastest growing content type on the internet today and it is becoming  a

basic expectation for internet users communicating through desktop pc’s, tablets and mobile devices.

Video is the most highly shared form of online content.

Video has the potential to “Go Viral”

High quality video production is readily available and becoming affordable to

smaller businesses.

Cameras on mobile phones, webcams are now powerful enough to capture high quality video content.

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