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How to produce the best web video:

How to shoot professional quality video isn’t actually that difficult, you’ve just got to be clear in knowing exactly how to go about it.

When shooting a video if often looks great at the time, but then when you watch it back it can look cheap, and as though its been shot by an amateur. Of course, shots of family and friends don’t need to be in an amazing quality, and using a phone or handy video camera to shoot these types of videos is perfectly fine. However, in order to shoot a video that’s of a professional quality, you just need to follow a few tips, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Audio quality- Whilst the picture can look great, video production is as much about the sound as it is the picture, which is why you should ensure great audio quality. With a sharp, clear picture there should be a crisp sound too; the epitome of a professional video.
  • Image quality- When those shooting videos don’t understand factors such as lighting, the video quality is often poor. With unwanted colour tints, or shots looking too dark or too light, the image quality of the video is cheap and makes it a video that’s too much like hard work to watch.
  • Microphone- Regardless of the type of professional video you shoot, a microphone is a must, and more specifically, a shotgun microphone is the best type to buy. Being long and thin, it picks up any sound that’s pointed at it, cancelling out any other sounds in the background.
  • Field recorder- A field recorder captures audio in an uncompressed WAV format. Providing phantom power to a shotgun microphone, a field recorder isn’t absolute necessary, and is instead a good extra to buy if you can afford it. If you cant, simply but a battery-powered shotgun microphone instead, and then you won’t have to compromise on audio quality by not having a field recorder.
  • Camera- An absolutely necessary piece of equipment in order to shoot a professional video is a decent camera. You’ll need to pay attention to the cameras histogram and understand the cameras reflectors, in order to be able to pull off most day shots. If your camera happens to be one that’s either tripod or shoulder mounted, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve turned the shake reduction off.
  • Lighting- Controlling lighting is an important part of video production, with reflectors, studio lights and gels being the three most common lighting tools used in professional video production.
  • Exposure- This is a function that should always be set manually on your camera’s histogram. This should never exceed 75% of the maximum, and if the subject is then still to dark, additional lighting tools are needed. Ideally you need to have perfect exposure and contrast in order to end up with a professional video.
  • Capturing audio- You firstly need to focus on recording the subject’s voice, whilst keeping an audio log if you’re recording into a field recorder. This will let you marry the audio to each scene you shoot, to save remembering each one.
  • Record ambient sound and foley- Ambient sound is the sound in a location without anyone talking, whilst foley is the sounds of all the characters actions in each scene. This needs to be recorded in order to have a wide enough range to mix later. Recording foley creates a strong connection between the sounds and visual cues on screen, which is an important part needed to make a video be produced more professionally.

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