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Website Presenter Scripts

Client:               One Vision TV

Product:            Website Presenters

Medium:            Presenters ñ version 2

Date:                        January 10, 2009

Male presenter:

Welcome to One Vision TV. Using our specialist experience and expertise in 3D and graphics based videos, we can make a truly dramatic difference to your website.

Female presenter:

Through the use of website presenters, you will be able to speak directly to potential customers and really grab their attention creating immediate brand awareness.

Male presenter:

This will allow you to deliver your message quickly and easily, whilst focusing on specific products and services.

Female presenter:

Rather than hoping the customer will find a product for themselves, you will be able to guide them through the website, whilst delivering product information. This will have a dramatic impact on your customer’s decisions, and ultimately increase your sales.

Male presenter:

We will grab the attention of your customers and and keep it! By turning the computers flat screen into an exciting demonstration of everything that’s great about your product or service.


We’ll make sure that your product doesn’t just stand out, it jumps out, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Male presenter:

Whether you’re explaining the benefits of your products and services or offering online training and presentations, we have the vision to give your website the impact you’ve been waiting for.

(Finish on One Vision TV logo)

Female Presenter

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