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The Internet has become an economic powerhouse, causing dramatic changes in how business is conducted. Companies worldwide are shifting massive amounts of marketing budgets from traditional, broadcast advertising and direct marketing to new online media channels.

The opportunities are endless. Website presenters are a fantastic way of reaching out to your target audience and grabbing their attention. By simply clicking on an email link, to activate a website presenter users will be able to actively engage with your product or service through an active and personalized demonstration. Including a website presenter in your email marketing campaign, will allow you to quickly communicate your message. Visitors will form an emotional connection with your website video presenter, creating an enhanced impression of not only your product, but also your company. Website presenters also compliment your marketing campaign by guiding visitors through the website, and to the areas you want to promote.

They also create an interactive experience, which can be used for a variety of applications including product demonstrations, online tutorials and promotions.  

Website presenters can be easily integrated into your website. They require minimal bandwidth and allow you to achieve maximum return on your investment. The question is not: will you introduce a video presenter to your website, but when? 

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