Video Search Engine Optimisation

“Video results are gaining more and more visibility in the search engine results pages, so making sure video content is optimized is becoming more important for top rankings.”
The success of broadband and the rise of video hosting sites, such as “YouTube” has made online video accessible to the masses. The introduction of Googles “Universal search” ’(‘07) which allows video content to appear within the search listings in Google combined with the fact that video now accounts for around 50% of online content means video marketing is set to be one of the fastest online growth areas in 2009.

Our Belief

We believe the growth of social media, social book-marking and the rise of video sharing and interaction now mean it is more important than ever to offer an integrated video marketing solution for businesses.

Quite simply, we utilize the power of video content and offer a range of services that can be used to dramatically increase traffic, qualified leads and sales from a businesses website.

"Adding video to your search engine optimization strategy is one of the best ways to dominate difficult search terms. Putting out a short “how to” or “intstructional” video around your top keywords can help you get into a secondary listing for your website."
Businesses (and many marketeers) are by-and-large unaware of the distinctions between Search Engine Optimization for video, and traditional “text only” SEO. Businesses which only choose to optimize their website and submit video content to “YouTube” and other video sharing sites without any specialized optimization or distribution strategy behind it, miss out on much better opportunities to reach and engage an increasingly large online audience.
"With individual videos now achieving their own listings in Google and with video accounting for more than half of online content, now is the time to take the lead by harnessing the power of online video."
Samuel Beavan Managing Director One Vision TV LTD

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