Website Presenters
Captivate, Engage, Inspire

What is a Website Presenter?
Website presenters bring a page to life by using a combination of moving and still images. With a website presenter talking characters and animated objects can interact with elements in your site such as your logo, products and menus.

Talk directly to your customer
Deliver your message In seconds
Focus viewers attention
on what you want
Directly influence customer
decision making

Introduce specific services
and products
Personalize your website to you
Increase visitor traffic
Build brand interest
Increase sales
What you get:
Delivered as a Flash file that can be dropped directly into your existing website or as a download or on disk, complete with audio, video, and your chosen background.

High Quality Video with rich audio and visual content, the final product requires minimal bandwidth - and is designed to be accessible to the majority of website visitors. Copyright free, without any further claims or charges on our part.
Why use a Website Presenter?
Research shows us that it takes less than 8 seconds to create an impression. Our Website Presenters immediately create a personalized connection whilst adding a dynamic dimension to your website. It immediately grabs the attention of your visitor, builds confidence and creates emotional engagement through real human interaction.
The website presenter technique is highly effective in quickly directing visitors to important aspects of your web page. It provides information delivered by a professional and can be displayed throughout your website.

What we offer:
• Choose from a variety of different presenters
• A short script is written by our in-house writers
• Presentation recorded in studio with Blue screens
• 30 seconds of hi-fi, studio-recorded audio per Presenter
• Choose or create the background you want (Video, Animation)
• We put it all together and deliver a set of Flash and HTML files
Ready to drop into your site